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Our vision as the best and unique building designer in Western Australia is to

Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Much like a painted masterpiece, architecture is an art form that can delight, inspire, and transform.

Every unique building design is an architectural creation based on:

Building designs that suits your lifestyle

Architect Designed Home - WA

Unique Building Design

Smart building techniques

Designed by C was founded in 2015 by Ciaran Rothkamm, whose passion for passive solar and unique building design is evident in his work. With 15 years of unique building designs with construction experience in project management, supervision, design and drafting, estimating, scheduling and training, he sketches every dream into reality.

Designed by C is a venture to fulfil his dream of creating ecologically balanced spaces fused with the brilliance of architecture. His broad experience in the building industry in residential and commercial construction has enabled him to create unique building designs that are artistically appealing and environmentally sustainable. His design and plans of buildings work seamlessly for all stakeholders involved in the build of your project.

Why choose Designed by C?

unique building design

Intelligent and futuristic designs

Unique Building Design

Sustainable architechutre

Unique Building Design

Adhering to budget

unique building design

Timely delivery


Loves the Sun


Worth every penny

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