Residential Building Design

Residential Building Design

New Homes Designed by C

I specialise in stylish, personality packed, passive solar homes.

Whether you’re building your first, fifth or fifteenth home, I’ll help you create spaces you love.

New home designs

Wondering if I’m up for something unconventional and experimental?  I am
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Renovations and remodelling

Wondering if your home could evolve to keep pace with your lifestyle? It can
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Single or multi-floor apartments

Wondering if apartment living could be awesome? 

Things I do differently

Make wish lists work

I solve design dilemmas with lateral thinking. Those wish list features someone told you were ”impossible” – I often deliver them.

Deliver the whole box and dice

I don’t do clichés, so I’ve side-stepped ”holistic” to describe how Designed by C gives you the full kit and caboodle, including:

  • Wow-worthy architecturally and environmentally sound design that works for you and the planet
  • Picture perfect interior and landscape design to fit our outdoor/indoor southwest lifestyle
  • Hassle-free tendering and project management (on request)

I can take meticulous care of your build from hand sketch to hand over.

Design Wishlist

Want a beautiful, energy-efficient home that expresses who you are and how you live?

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A solar passive design and project management service for people who want to live lightly and do the planet a favour.

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