Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design

New Family Home Interior - Designed by C

Sustainable interior design connects the dots linking environmentally friendly design to the joy of living in a comfortable, beautifully styled home that expresses your personality and values.  

The Designed by C way of doing things embeds interior design in the first phases of your project. We ensure that interior design (and landscaping) gets covered in your budget and keeps its place in the design ecosystem that delivers your ideal build.

Tracey Arnold, a renowned creator of hundreds of stylish southwest interiors, can help you choose colours, textures, furnishings, and fittings that are often sustainable as well as superb. 

Tracy will schedule a day trip to local shops and suppliers to help you make great interior design choices. These can include:

  • Window treatments and floor coverings that support and enhance the impact of solar passive heating and cooling
  • Furnishings made from materials with low environmental impact
  • Automated lighting systems and dimmers, and LED lighting to help reduce energy consumption

Paint and textiles with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions to help create a healthy home environment.

Want your home or commercial building to be ”green” and gorgeous inside and out?

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A solar passive design and project management service for people who want to live lightly and do the planet a favour.

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