Environmentally Friendly Renovations

Environmentally Friendly Renovations

Environmentally Friendly Renovations

Your home or business premises can evolve as you do.

I design passive solar renovations for clients keen to

  • Accommodate lifestyle changes – working from home, kids arriving or leaving, moving to multigenerational living
  • Create a contemporary haven in a classic home designed for a different era
  • Futureproof their homes or commercial premises against fluctuating or rising energy costs or changing personal or business circumstances

Key components of a passive solar renovation

  • Windows designed and placed to maximise views and breezes and support passive solar heating and ventilation
  • Insulation to enhance the benefits of well-placed windows by increasing thermal (heat holding) efficiency
  • Favouring sustainable building materials and high-efficiency systems and appliances

Need to revamp a space you love?

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A solar passive design and project management service for people who want to live lightly and do the planet a favour.

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