Designed by C St John Ambulance and Training Centre Busselton

This new state of the art St John WA Sub Centre features a six-bay garage for ambulances, spaces for volunteers and staff, and quiet rooms for those working night shift. 

project management

A two-stage tender and build project. Ciaran Rothkamm Director of Designed by C project managed and supervised the build.

the site

A 5000 m2 site located strategically at the entrance of Busselton for best possible ambulance response times.   

the project

The new facility is the latest addition to St John WA’s regional centres and features a drive through six-bay ambulance garage, an area of respite for volunteers and staff, offices, medical store, modern kitchen and bathroom amenities as well as four quiet rooms for night shift volunteers and staff.
The centre is designed to future-proof the service by allowing St John WA to attract, train and retain volunteers and staff in Busselton. St John WA currently has seven paramedics, two full-time equivalent patient transport position roles and 62 volunteers delivering critical services to in the local community.

client praise extract

Correspondence during the project, between St John, Big Ben) was transparent and professional.  This always ensured minimal delays and clear direction.  The efforts of Big Ben’s Project Manager, Ciaran Rothkamm  St John was impressed with the dedication demonstrated by Big Ben, who provided a high-quality build in the required timeframe.