Busselton Beachside Family Oasis Renovation

the brief

The brief called for a multi-faceted approach. The primary goals were to:

  • Enhance the home’s street appeal with a modern makeover
  • Improve functionality by creating more storage space and a layout better suited to the family’s needs
  • Accommodate future needs by constructing a self-contained studio for the adult children’s visits and potential future rental income.

the property

Designed by C breathes new life into a Busselton family home, maximizing functionality and creating a modern beach retreat. This project transformed a traditional brick and Colorbond home into a stylish and functional haven for a dad and his two grown sons with their partners. Situated just a short walk from the picturesque shores of Geographe Bay and the iconic Busselton Jetty, the property boasts a large block with an existing pool and alfresco area, perfect for enjoying the idyllic beach lifestyle.

the design

Designed by C crafted a solution that addressed each point seamlessly. The front elevation received a complete refresh with rendered brickwork and a modern Hampton-style color scheme for the roof and flashings. A beautiful timber-decked gazebo further elevates the home’s curb appeal and provides a welcoming entrance.

Functionality was enhanced by extending the existing garage for additional storage. A clever addition was the boundary drive-through carport, which not only offers guest parking but also creates a charming courtyard space.

The existing shed was replaced with a light-frame construction studio boasting maximum insulation for year-round comfort. Clad in Hardie’s Stria and Ezylap for a modern yet warm aesthetic, the studio provides a comfortable haven for the adult children and a potential future income stream.

the result

This project successfully transformed the property into a modern and inviting beachside haven. The updated front elevation enhances the home’s overall curb appeal, while the additional storage, functional layout, and self-contained studio cater perfectly to the family’s needs. With its focus on functionality, style, and future potential, this renovation exemplifies Designed by C’s commitment to creating exceptional living spaces.