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Residential Builds -Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable Building Design by C – Residential buildings are entirely personal spaces. New home design plans need an understanding of client requirement, and a lot of thinking to execute them.

Our residential building design service includes:

  • Design for New Homes
  • House Re-modelling
  • Unconventional or Experimental Home Design
  • Existing Plan Modifications
  • House Plan for Single or Multi-floor apartments

Our innovative home design solutions try to cater to all the challenges of location and budget. Our house designs are experiential. We modulate spaces to create beautiful, peaceful or dramatic spaces within the landscape of the South West.

Our residential design plan includes:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Cross-section
  • Elevation – both internal and external
  • Landscape plans

We understand that architecture needs to be climate-sensitive so that it stays in harmony with the environment. Sustainable houses cause the least wear and tear, in the long run, reducing maintenance and electricity costs for its owner.

At Designed by C, we look at design holistically. fusing between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape, furniture, and lighting.

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Commercial Builds -Sustainable Building Design

Commercial building designers need an understanding of project requirements, compliances, and ground-level goals. At Designed by C, we design commercial structures while considering all the collaborators. Each aspect of building construction flows seamlessly from one stage to another. Our design plans are agile, leaving ample scope for future growth and expansion to the structures designed by us.

The central aspect of our commercial architectural designs are:

  • Collaborative spaces with natural lighting
  • Smart use of available space
  • Sound inhibiting building materials
  • Allocation of the area to relax
  • Futuristic and Sustainable building deisgn structure
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Sustainable Building Design

Passive Solar Design is the design technique that allows the sunlight into the room, which is then absorbed and released over the day to provide heating and cooling effects. This design also facilitates air movement. Thus, passive solar homes do not require substantial use of mechanical and electrical devices for heating or cooling. Sustainable building designs need meticulous planning – correct positioning of windows, use of heat-absorbing materials, and understanding of environmental conditions of the site. The design and the materials used complement different climatic conditions throughout the year. Passive solar houses are energy efficient and are a way of co-existing with nature. Ciaran is passionate about sustainable building design.

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Interior Design

We, at Designed by C, believe that a building exudes charm only if there is a connection between the layout of the building and its interior décor. Thus, our interior design service will blend the architecture to its interior by giving it a personal touch of its dwellers or users. Our sustainable building design service extends to both commercial as well as residential buildings.

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