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What is passive solar design?

All humans have it. We’re equipped to soak up and store the sun’s heat and send it out to the bits of our body that need warming up.  Every time you go out in the sun, you experience passive solar energy in action.

Passive solar building design optimises the sun’s energy in much the same way as you do. I design your home or commercial building to take full eco and budget-friendly advantage of nature’s ability to heat and cool it.

‘Designed by C’ buildings capture and store and distribute all the solar energy available on your site.  You’ll see precisely how this works in a 3D plan that illustrates every detail of your exterior and interior elevations.

View a sample 3D plan

Get more information and inspiration from  Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes and The Passive House Institute

Are you an architect?

No. I’m a building designer and project manager. I’ve over fifteen years’ experience in all aspects of creating and constructing beautiful, liveable, sustainable spaces for hundreds of contented clients.

I provide a creative and technically sophisticated design service that incorporates sound architectural principles delivered on budget and on time.

I’m an accredited HIA Green Smart Professional.

I’ve taught passive solar building design and construction to Certificate IV and Diploma students at TAFE and sustainability units for the Builders Diploma at the HIA.

I don’t live in WA; can you help me?

Yes. I’d be happy to discuss your project.

While most of my clients are based in southwest WA, I‘ve designed homes for clients in the northwest and a small holiday resort in Indonesia.

Will you work with my builder?

Certainly, I work with many of the southwest’s most renowned builders. I also partner with a handful of talented newcomers. If your builder belongs in either group or they don’t, I’d be happy to collaborate with them.

Can you help me get building approval?

Absolutely yes. I can project manage as many aspects of your build as you’d like. This includes piloting your project through all its required approvals.

What are your fees?

Zero until we’ve had a comprehensive design consult about your project.
Based on our discussions, I’ll provide a formal project proposal that includes my fee. It will be detailed, complete and it’ll respect your budget.

Once you agree to proceed and make a 20% initial project payment, your project secures its place in my workflow.

Learn more about fees and payment stages in this Building Designer Engagement Agreement

Can you rework my old drawings?

I would love to have a look at them. However, I’d need written approval to work on drawings by your original building designer or architect as they own the copyright.

I’m renovating can you help me?

I’d love to! Your needs change, and your home can too. I specialse in stylish, practical passive solar renovations and extensions to enhance your enjoyment of our sunny southwest lifestyle and reduce your energy bills.  If your plans involve providing holiday accommodation, I can help. 

Luxury bed and breakfast at Sojourn on Gale.

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